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‘Still Frames’ Small Originals on Canvas collection is now available

You know my creative fuel comes from life’s twists, turns, and quirks – it’s like the ultimate source of inspiration. And guess what? “Still Frames” is no exception. I’ve been digging deep into my own world, exploring the rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions that’s been on repeat in my mind lately.

My brain’s been pulling double shifts, juggling the roles of atist and personal therapist. Because let’s face it, art is more than just pigment on canvas; it’s my very own kind of soul-healing magic. These pieces are a snapshot of that rollercoaster I call life – the ups, the downs, and the loop-the-loops that keep things interesting.

Some of these artworks are like a smooth jazz melody (you know I love good music metaphor) – calm, contemplative, and almost meditative. Then there are those that practically scream for order in the chaos – yes, my attempt at taming the wild ride. And oh, there are still frames that capture pure joy, like a frozen moment of happiness, a motherhood memoir captured in colors.

*please note all the purchase made after September 17th will be shipped after my return from Art Residency end of October