original paintings by Kasia Kreçicka

Artist Statement

I find myself captivated by the act of weaving stories within the confines of my mind — it’s how I interpret the world around me. — a lens through which I perceive the world, where emotions flow from abstract musings to ethereal pools of pigment.

Yet, articulating my creations has become an arduous task, a struggle between the compulsion to elucidate and the inclination to let the art speak for itself. It’s a challenge. Each brushstroke holds a story, a fragment of the tapestry woven by the world, by my own experiences, by the narratives lingering in my mind. The canvas is an echo, a haunting imprint of the world…

Consider the face of a stranger I pass on my way to the studio. Is he content, or does that weary expression mask something deeper? I can’t help but wonder about the life he leads.


And that child’s laughter at the bus stop—man, it’s infectious. I hope that happiness stays with them always. Children laughing, it’s like the universal language of joy, in its melody, I see and hear happiness I need in my life.

These imprints, they’re everywhere—in my thoughts, on my skin, on my canvas. They’re a fusion of memories and emotions intertwined.

As for this new collection I’m showing you today, it’s hard to pinpoint when it all began. Goes without saying that it started long before paint touched the canvas… My art residency in Texas was one starting point, my burnt out at the end of the year – paradoxically – was another.

The title, “my IMPRINT on your land”,  is still very much valid in my creative mind, yet amidst the process, I find myself transformed, an evolving embodiment of artistic evolution. Art has a way of changing you, wouldn’t you say?

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