the idea for the program

I knew I loved teaching, either it was through my online classes or my previous experience over the years 😉 I was thinking about the way I can share what I’ve learned so far with people who wanted to listen. The best way to do that was simply recreate my own steps in my own journey and “turn it” into this little program, This is when the idea for this mentorship happened:
3 months were each month is dedicated to different area of being a full-time artist.


The beginning of the path that I am on right now was filled with doubts, imposter syndrome, heavy dark thoughts, lots of voices in my head telling me “no”, and stopping me from doing what I really wanted to do. That is why the 1st month I really want to focus on preparing ourselves mentally so we can actually stop wasting time on sabotaging our actions. This is where Chris Do come to play.  He is an incredible person, an artist, creative, teacher, mentor strategist. I invited Chris Do to join us on the first month to help you, to help me, better understand why we sabotage our actions and how we can deal with it faster in order to start making art instead of overthink about making art. I really believe that it is better to fix your head first before jumping into the deep waters. I really, really want to share with whoever decide to join my mentorship the part of my story,  and part of my experience so it might be a little bit easier for you.


The second step on my own journey was to actually get to work!! And this is my main focus for the second month of our mentorship program. We will focus on our studio practice. how can we be consistent with our work, how to show up, and do the work. How we can find balance between being creative and staying sane with our batteries properly charged. This is also the time where I want to focus on critiques of your work. We’re gonna talk about how you can bring your work onto the next level. We will have group critique so you have better understanding of other peoples perspective on your art. During our 1:1 calls we will focus on your issues with your process. 

This is also the time where I want to invite one or two fellow artist for you to ask questions to be inspired by. This is the month for you and me and all of our group to dive deep into the art making itself, tools, techniques ,inspiration sources our approaches to art. There’s gonna be a lot of painting!


The idea I had for the third month of our mentorship program came really natural to me. I’ve cleared my head, I’ve created my heart so now it’s time to show it to the world. In May I want to put more pressure on building our own stories as a creative individuals. I want to help you to better understand what it means to build your story to build your online presence. I will help you show your work better we will discuss how you can find your customers etc. I will also bring people from marketing world in order to help you to better understand some mechanism that this world is run by. This doesn’t mean that we are not going to paint or focus on our art making process of course we will but it is just an addition block of information that I want to share with you during the third month of program.