Kasia Kręcicka is an indepandant Polish abstract artist who works mainly with acrylics which she combines with every tool and technique that leaves a mark, a trace that is desired by the artist. She’s currently based in her home town Włocławek after years of traveling and getting her way around the world, where she works in her studio with many big windows.
Graduated from Fine Art Academy, with background in graphic design and illustration. She turned fully abstract in 2015. Since then she works and sell independently with a few show in her resume. She likes to keep close and rather personal relationship with her collectors and patrons considering them as her extended art-family 🙂
Since moving back to her home town her work shifted from collage to nature rooted and inspired abstract. Finding her ‘aha moment’ in contact with nature shift her perspective and opens her up to awareness, soul-searching and self-developement botha as human and as an artist.
“Get a rhythm” remix by Sammy Senior song always makes her happier. Always. She doesn’t mind people laughing at her expense, she like to make them laugh.  


I’m not too fond of  “the middle”; I’m a middle child (1st daughter tho). I like to be closer to the edge. I love working on either large scale canvas or  very small sized backgrounds. I’m in constant search mode, scaling up and scaling down tools that. Tools are extensions, the continuation of my inner energy and my thought. I think that the tools I’m using “force” the dynamism in which the paint “lands” on canvas. This is my main focus. 
  • (upcoming) February 2023 — Gallery for Contemporary Art, Wloclawek, Poland – upcoming solo show 
  • (upcoming) October 2022 — Brest Cultural Center, Brześć, Poland – solo show  
  • September 2020 – London, Berlin, NYC – online group exhibit Visionary Project
  • November 2019  Włocławek, Poland – solo show, Food Gallery,
  • September 2018, Brussels, Belgium — group show   
  • April 2015 — Brick Lane Gallery, London, England – Group show, 
  • November 2014 Galeria Głośna, Poznań, Poland  — Paintings to read, solo show,