artist statement

Through my acrylic paintings, I create a visual diary – a space for self-discovery and reflection. Each artwork offers an immersive experience, encouraging audiences to explore their own emotional landscapes and find solace in the captivating allure of color.
Expressive brushwork and harmonious pigments are the driving forces behind my art. Informed by the dynamic interplay of these elements, my creations ignite a sense of joy, curiosity, and contemplation. It is my sincere hope that my work resonates with viewers, evoking personal connections and illuminating the boundless power of self-expression.

image of an abstract artist sitting in a chair in her studio, with paintings in the background

the story of an abstract artist

I am an abstract artist, educator, badminton player, and now a mother… I finally understand why people mention their motherhood in their bio. It’s a full-time job that consumes all your free time and identity, giving you a whole new one instead.

I come from Włocławek, Poland, a town brimming with untold stories and forgotten buildings. Against all odds, I made the choice to return after years of wandering and embracing a nomadic lifestyle, in order to establish my very first atelier.

My mother was incredibly supportive of my artistic endeavors, sending me for art lessons since I drew my first lettuce in preschool. I spent every Saturday from 12 to 1.30pm at my drawing lessons alongside other kids. Though I spent years taking art lessons, I choose not to paint real things.

After attending Fine Arts Academy, I worked as a graphic designer, thinking it was my dream. Climbing the artistic ladder and becoming an art director in some ad agency wasn’t for me. I didn’t like competing for projects or receiving “constructive criticism” from know-it-all CEOs. I quit after two years.

Regardless of where I worked or what I did, one thing remained constant, because I was always painting. I was always a painter.

my mission

Once upon a time, in the whimsical world of artistry, I, a contemporary Polish artist, embarked on a journey fueled by my core values of FREEDOME and INTUITION. As I dabble in the realms of creativity, I find joy not only in my artistic pursuits but also in sharing my passion for teaching.

As a contemporary artist, my mission is to craft captivating and thought-provoking artworks that resonate with collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Delve into my portfolio to discover a collection of original pieces that embody my unique expression and artistic journey. Whether you’re seeking to enrich your personal collection or enhance your living space with art, you’ll find a diverse selection that caters to various tastes and preferences.

Beyond the mere act of creation, I wish for my art to serve as a greater purpose – to inspire and evoke emotions, inviting viewers to experience a personal connection. When engaging with my artwork, I want you to feel as if each piece was created exclusively for you—a visual tale waiting to be unraveled. Like a book with endless layers, my creations beckon you to explore, discover new meanings, and experience a range of emotions with every encounter. I hope to create a lasting impact, where my art becomes a cherished part of your life.

Deep within me, I feel an undeniable calling to inspire and share my knowledge with others. This innate desire guides every brushstroke and fuels my dedication to teaching and mentoring individuals, helping them find their own wellspring of inspiration.

My work attracts those who appreciate the added value of owning an original artwork. Individuals who collaborate with designers and understand the significance of art in transforming spaces. For commercial clients, I’m drawn to partnerships with retreats, spas, and places that embrace the concept of finding inner peace and disconnecting from the noise of the world. Spiritual and personal growth are integral aspects of my artistic practice, and I’m thrilled at the prospect of collaborating with like-minded spaces that foster these ideals.

NEWS / Studio updates /

highlights of an artist's life
aka residencies & cool collaborations

September 2023 – Art Residency in TX, USA

June 2023 – teaching a creative workshop on abstract painting in Mallorca, Spain

September 2022 – Bandito Art Residency, Tuscany, Italy

2021 – large scale illustration project for BCK Wahadło – multimedia exhibition’s interior  

2019 – pro bono project, large scale mural for Animal Shelter in Wloclawek 🤍

2018 – creation of two large scale mixed media murals for Google’s Warsaw Offices


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selected shows

2023 October – solo show at Art Center Museum, Waco, Texas, USA

2023, January – solo show at Contemporary Art Gallery, Włocławek Poland,

2022 – solo show at BCK Wahadło, Poland

September 2020 – online group exhibit Visionary Project NYC

November 2019  – solo show, Food Gallery, Włocławek, Poland

September 2018 – group show, Brussels, Belgium  

April 2015 –group show, Brick Lane Gallery, London, England

November 2014 – solo show, Galeria Głośna, Poznań, Poland 


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