Next Sistine Chapel in the making… or not

You go to work, you show up, you mix your paints and you think that the next Sistine Chapel is in the making… 30 min into the process you realise you aren’t as good working with reds as you thought you were, yellows won’t collaborate either… Wherever you look in your studio there’s a reminder of your failure. Unsold pieces, unfinished painting, unstreched canvas, wasted canvas, old paints, bunch of fucked up sketches…. You feel under attack. Its like running away from this one annoying mosquito during the summer bon fire. Leave me the fuck alone. It won’t. 

Sit down and write it all down, don’t keep that in coz you’ll get sick, it will poison you. Write it all down, and look at it from the outside. Maybe just take a look, maybe ask why am I feeling this, ask why these thoughts appear. Am I trying to tell myself something ? Is this the RESISTANCE, trying to tell me, get over yourself and get to work, or am I in fact not ready to start this new body of work/ this new piece?

Don’t dwell on the stuff reach out talk to other artist…