child like doodle ?

Scatter thoughts that had to be written down... chaotic as a process itself

ok so we all have our ways, our process, our favourite tools we use and more… My husband who is a musician and I had a converastion about how artists steal… and of course we both agree everybody stole something from someone at some point… where’s is the line when stealing is not ok? it’s good to know where it is… we see many examples of line crossing… But what’s crucial for me in developing my own style – which is in constant under construction stage – is that I found my own explanation for tools, moves, colours I use. No one has patent on colours or use of certain pencil or brush, that’s right but some spent years developing their unique style… anyways…

Whats my deal? I need to have my own “why?” answered. During recent time in the studio the answer became clear. Why I used this pencil this way? So I keep searching and keep talking to myself during my practice, as I often do, and got my answer :). It’s no major breakthrough but it is another connection between my dots. I use my pencils like 6yrd Kasia would use them. Doodles, sweet reminders of simpler times when we were creating without fear! This is my gate to fearless freedom of creation