go with the flow or plan your moves?

This month I’m working simultaneously on few paintings each comes from different parts of my creative mind. There are certain paintings that awake stronger creative forces than other… Are more expressive in many ways…

I was thinking a bout it a lot while working on another painting from Edge of the Night – SERIES. I painted very, very intuitively, at the edge of consciousness almost. Later on I was wandering, was it the colours, or the tools I choose to work with? What brought this energy up??


edge of the night 80x60


I realised that paintings inspired by observing nature for last couple of weeks are the ones that I paint slower/more carefully. Almost like I don’t want to over done them, almost like Im afraid of hurting it. I restrain myself ;)… it’s not something that comes naturally to me but at the same is tempting and I wanna explore this approach…

In the same time when I move my tools to Edge of the Night series I change, my approach change. I let myself run wild. I just paint. It’s all about intuition, emotions, my creative mind. It’s all in the hand gesture. I love being in this stage! I wanna write it down here, because I want to remember.
I quite often forgot that this is “my happy place”. This is where I want to spend more time. I know I want to learn and explore my style etc but I do love this feeling of total freedom, no judgement no opinions just creation.